Colorful and durable fabrics for every style.

Our patented high performance fabric uniquely designed for Honeycomb.

Solarvie Fabrics flourish outdoors, upholding their color and comfort in all types of conditions.

Ultra Durability

Engineered to resist stains, mold, and mildew with UV protection up to 2000 hours and fade resistance for long term color retention.

Luxurious Feel

The softness is flower esque with a sink in, lounge worthy feeling that invites you in and keeps you there. 


Solaria Fabrics are weather-resistant, repelling water in a light rain and drying very quickly. They stand up to frost, debris, and more.

Low Maintenance

No need to fret over spills or stains. Simply clean Solarvie Fabrics with soap and water to return them to their natural color.


Solarvie is available in four natural colors, thoughtfully curated in a selection of tried-and-true tones.

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Core Fabrics

Hand selected fabrics that stand up to rain, sun, and everyday living. 


Specially chosen to withstand constant exposure to sunlight up to 1200 hours, moisture, and outdoor elements without fading, tearing, or deteriorating.


With the perfect balance of softness and stretch, Core Fabrics ensure that you feel comfortable and supported.

Easy to clean

Core Fabrics can be easily wiped clean or spot treated to maintain their color and appearance, so outdoor furniture stays fresh and inviting.

Choose from a variety of Core Fabric colors 
and patterns. 

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