Outdoor furniture that’s flexible for life.

Inspired by the beauty, evolution, and timelessness of nature, we started Honeycomb because we believe our homes should grow and change with us.

Rather than making furniture to be replaced, we made it to adapt. Our proprietary Flex Seating is uniquely designed to fit any space and style-and it stays adaptable as you move and grow.

Everything we make is easy to customize, assemble, and accent. We craft our products with sustainable, durable materials that hold their promise of maintenance-free living for a lifetime. Simply, Honeycomb is made to last in any home, and for all of life's stages.

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At our cushion manufacturing facility, we are dedicated to providing quality with integrity. Our skilled artisans oversee every process, from fiber filling, blowing to precision cut and sew. Each station reflects meticulous craftsmanship, underscoring our commitment to making each cushion the right density, shape and comfort for an exceptional experience.

our values


Make things the right way with the best materials.


Challenge the status quo to continually raise the bar.


Take care of our planet, and make time to get outside. 


Since 2021,

We've rescued 14238560 plastic bottles

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